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Oct 24, 2001 04:48 PM

Salivating at the Taiwan Cafe

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Hey, where were you guys? C Fox and I waited til after 1:30, then ordered without you, sorry...But, WHAT a lunch!! Our first choice was the planned-for Special Mustard Greens with Edame(edamame) and Fresh bean curd that we all lusted after last time. It was even better than it looked, which was saying a lot! An almost non-existant sauce made from the VERY mildly-pickled mustard green and a healthy wallop of garlic bathed tender, fresh-tasting soybeans and savory, nicely textured pressed tofu-skin in ribbons. I really can't say enough about this dish; such clear flavors so beautifully balanced. Different from anything I've ever had in any Chinese restaurant. We also chose the braised tilapia with scallion; another TOTAL winner. It says it came in a spicy bean-curd sauce,but I didn't see any beancurd. Never mind! It was a spicy and richly flavored whole braised fish, somewhere between 1 1/4- 1 1/2 lb. by my guesstimation, but not covered with any heavy sauce. We couldn't stop patting ourselves on the back about the good choices we had made. And to make the whole thing even better, we noticed that people eating the little cup of house-soup and rice that comes with the luncheon specials seemed to have regular size entree platters in front of them, not the cup-of-entree and plate of rice that seems to come as the typical "Luncheon Special"....Hmm, we said, ya don't have to tell us twice...The servings on the Luncheon Specials were the same size as the regular price entrees; go figure!!! So the total for all this deliciousness was $12....I'd have both these dishes for lunch or dinner--you guys totally missed out!! Of course, I'm planning on what to have next time....

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  1. sounds great...sorry I couldn't attend....btw, I work right in downtown and can usually meet for lunch in CTown..even on short notice.

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      I am soooooo jealous! It sounds like the kind of lunch that makes you want to light a cigarette after! Maybe mext time.

    2. What she said. You beat me to it, galleygirl.

      Not only that, but other mysterious yet enticing-looking dishes kept coming out to the other tables. Nor have we yet begun to plumb the depths of that menu. We both took copies of the takeout menu away for more intensive perusal at home.

      I think that was a "spicy bean sauce" on the tilapia. Whatever it was, it sure was tasty.

      And the freshness of the edame might have something to do with the huge pile of beans that were being shelled at a back table.

      I'll be shlepping in from the 'burbs to revisit this place, no question.