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Oct 24, 2001 08:26 AM

Best Steak Subs

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Who in the metro Boston area makes the best steak subs. My vote is for Carl's in Waltham.

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  1. I have never tried Carl's but am planning on it after reading some of the posts' about it.

    My pick for the best steak sub in the boston area goes to J&S deli on Cross St in East Somerville. It is a small sandwich shop that has been there since the begining of time. It is the perfect shaved steak&cheese with various componets,onion,pepper,mushrooms(my fav).I haven't been in a few months,looks like as good a time as any for a return.

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    1. re: ScoobieSnack

      I agree wholeheartedly - they have an excellent steak and cheese!! I thought only those of us in the neighborhood knew that... Our secret is out!

      1. re: Jaylea

        Wow, J&S popping up on Chowhound, who'd a thunk? I do agree they have one of the best steak and cheese subs around Boston. My only problem is the amount of vacations the owners take. I grew up around the corner and since I was a kid it has always been like that.

        I have another pick for steak subs. This one is for steak tip subs though. La Cascia's bakery on main street in Medford is tops. They also make a good shaved steak and cheese. But, the tips are grilled to order and worth the wait. Stay away during lunch time they get very busy, and be warned they close early.

        1. re: Scotty Pants

          LOL! J&S takes EVERY vacation that the school across the street takes... and they close at, I swear, a different time each season, depending on the day!! And I never know if they're open on the weekends - just have to walk up and see!

    2. Went to Carl's on chowhound's recommendation. Quite an operation. Great steak. Roll although fresh and soft was a bit too bready. What impressed me was when they gave me my cheese steak with pepper instead of the onion which I ordered, I said just add onion. But the grill man insisted on doing it right and made me another.