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Oct 23, 2001 05:15 PM

Lunch, Taiwan Cafe, 10/24

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Tomorrow's lunch plans were getting buried in the King Fung thread, so I thought I'd start fresh. So far it sounds like it's wrayb, galleygirl, and me. Did I miss anybody? Is anybody else planning (or even hoping) to join us?

Taiwan Cafe
34 Oxford St., Chinatown, Boston
Wednesday, Oct. 24, 1:15 pm

How will I know y'all? I'm short, fat, female, brown curly hair, wire rim glasses, will probably be wearing leggings and a sweater.

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  1. Glad you can make it; wrayb will be the tall, thin,white guy with the baseball cap, I'll be the tall, not-thin white girl wearing black. As for his co-worker; I don't know!..You will know the chowhounds by the drool on their chins and the fact that they'll be studying the menu, trying to decide what to order!!

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    1. re: galleygirl

      Another way you can tell who the Chowhounders are.......chances are we'll be the only non-Asians in there! I doubt if I can make it, but I'll be there in spirit. Enjoy!

      1. re: Frank

        My apology to those who went and were expecting me. To make a long story short, I didn't get to eat lunch until 6pm and just got finished working. I guess you could call it lunch since I had a cup of tea and a snickers bar for breakfast and have eaten only a vending machine lil' bag of peanuts since that.

        Oh well, tomorrow is an other day.


        1. re: wrayb

          Gee, if we'd known, we'd've sent you a care package. But if they're working you that hard, I'd say you could make out a case for having gourmet meals sent in, wouldn't you?

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      Jimmy the Greek

      Lemme guess, this site is a dating service disguised as a true grit critics' corner for foodies? What's up with that?

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      1. re: Jimmy the Greek

        Dead wrong, Jimmy...During our last lunch, we were planning a time we could meet so that we could bring our spouses and significant others along...Just TALKING about food all the time made us crave EATING some; something that's always more fun in groups (ya get to try more things!!!!) WE don't just talk the talk, we walk the wok!!!