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Oct 20, 2001 04:52 PM

Where art thou baba ghanouj?

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Does anyone know of a place to find great baba ghanouj that's open on weekends?


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  1. Dine in or take-out?
    If take-out, the various Armenian grocery stores are a good source: Eastern Lamejun Bakers on Belmont St in Belmont, and the whole Armenian strip around Sevan's Bakery on Mt. Auburn St. near Coolidge in Watertown. All kinds of mid-eastern yummies! These places are open Sat., I'm not sure about Sun.

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      Chester Prynne

      I was actually thinking about dine in but it's good to know about the Armenian grocery stores. I was going to ask if anyone's been to Kareem's (which I know had restrictive hours) but it's closed!


      1. re: peregrine

        Try Arax Market, across the street a bit from Sevan. They are open seven days, and are the nicest folks. Their goops are wonderful, great selection of olives and feta cheeses, lovely produce, and halavah from a half-dozen countries.

      2. If you're interested in take-out, Sultan's Kitchen on Braod Street downtown has great baba ghanoush, and everything else for that matter (humus, falafel, soups, sandwhiches, etc.). They're only open for lunch and not open on Sunday. I stock up on their muhammara (a dip made with roasted red peppers, ground walnuts, and pomegranate syrup). I couldn't find a website but posted a review and info on hours below.