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Oct 20, 2001 03:37 PM

Real Bialys in boston ???

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Does anyone know where in this area to get REAL bialys like we grew up with in NYC. The only things we've found here which call themselves bialys are just onion bagels reformed & flattened. Not the chewy, crispy when toasted, wonderfull yummyness we crave. If anyone has sighted these here we'd be in your debt!!!

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  1. tough question indeed, I've never had a real bagel in boston, since 1971!!ouch!

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      Well, at least Rosenfelds in Newton Center makes their bagels with malt rather than sugar. They also have bialys on Saturdays, and they are passable if not quite the thing. I hear there is a good place in Chelsea for bialys, but I can't remember the name or exact location.

    2. I've found a few sources for bialys in the area. Some Star Markets stock bags of six (usually found near the bagels and rolls) which aren't bad. They're clearly recognizable as bialys, although they aren't *great* bialys. Make sure they're fresh, though -- give 'em a squeeze and make sure there's no mold on them -- because I don't think they restock them every day. I know I've found them at the Chestnut Hill Star, not sure which others.

      The better bialy can be found at Zathmary's in Brookline (in Coolidge Corner, on Harvard St., across from the moviehouse). They get all their bagel and bialy dough from H&H bagels in New York (one of my favorites, although I know there are dissenters from the H&H bagel hegemony -- must be a well-trod subject on the NYHounds list!), and then bake them in-store. While their bakers don't do *quite* as good a job as they do at H&H itself, they're still pretty damn satisfying. I had one this morning in fact.

      Let us know if you find any other good sources.

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        Heathen & Spells

        Thanks for the tip. We noticed the " we have H & H bagels " sign in the window once while passing by and it peaked our interest. As native upper west siders ( in cambridge since 85 ) we grew up with H & H and their bialys are certainly real. We'll check it out and report back.

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        Emma Firestone

        OH, my goodness.
        I'm so glad you asked.
        You MUST go to Kupels in Brookline. It's on Harvard Street, about four blocks away from Coolidge Corner (if you start from Beacon Street and head towards Brighton). At the corner, on your right.
        These are the best bialys I've ever, ever had. They've got that slightly fluffier texture than bagels, their centers are OVERFLOWING with onions (crisped-toasted, though slightly greasified - hey, makes 'em feel homier!). And, in truly authentic form, they've even got a smattering sesame seeds mixed in with the onions.

        Oooh, my. I am absolutely wild about these bialys. You cannot miss them. That would be sad.