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Oct 20, 2001 10:39 AM

BEST cream pies

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Just wanted to alert chowhounds to our favorite north shore food destination, the Agawam diner in Rowley (intersection of Rt.s 1 & 133 ~ 45 min nrth of town ). The Sterns gave it a reasonably positive write up on their roadfood website, but they seemed to have bypassed all the stuff which we think make it stand out. First in that camp are the cream pies!!!! They allways have banana & coconut and sometimes (usually fri? ) have apricot cream as well ( never seen this one anywhere else ). They are all not too sweet but waaaaay creamy & delicious. The coconut is so refreshing as to be positively thirst quenching and the banana is loaded with chunks of fresh fruit throughout the custard and none of that artificial flav/banana pudding ickyness that one often encounters. The crust is flakey and marvelous, slightly brittle and a perfect complement. The custard pie & grapenut pudding are also superior versions, but the fuit pies are merely decent.

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