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Oct 19, 2001 08:11 PM

Great Steak Bombs

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There is a small sub shop in Roxbury called Joe's that makes the best steak bomb that I have had (granted, I've never been to Philly). It is located right next door to Dudley Station in Roxbury. Not the greatest neighborhood but to me it is worth the trip! There is also another location somewhere else in Roxbury but I have never visited that one. Not for the health and diet conscious though!!! As far as the rest of their food, I have no idea because I get the same thing every time. I just can't force myself to pass it up.

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    For great steak subs check out Carl's Steak Subs in Waltham. There huge and freshly made.

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        55 Prospect ST

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          I don't claim to be a steak bomb afficionado,
          so I have not searched around or anything. But
          I have them from time to time. I also find a
          lot of the info here on chowhound to be useless
          since people don't say why they like something.

          I'd recommend Ma Magoo's sub shop at the Fresh
          Pond traffic circle in Cambridge. For years they
          have concistently used the best sub rolls I've
          had, soft but solid and chewy bread with a nice
          leathery hide. Size is ... I'm no expert but I
          wouldn't want one any bigger or more overstuffed.

          I've had cheese-steaks in Philly and I like
          the Boston variety much better. Boston's
          feature a much higher ratio of steak and other
          ingredients. Philly is too cheesey.