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Oct 18, 2001 06:08 PM


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Where is the best calamari in Boston? My vote is Carlos' Cuccina on Brighton Ave. but I'd love some suggestions

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  1. I LOVE good grilled or sauteed calamari and try it every place I can. I know its a hike but Finz in Salem, Ma has the best I've tried yet. Its served as an appetizer over baby salad greens. Has a hint of mustard taste . Its delicious.

    1. It's been awhile but Daily Catch had it down...Franklin cafe had a great did Caffe Bella

      Interesting, it's either very good or not good at all?!

      1. This may not be what you're looking for, but Antico Forno in the North End has a great appitizer that includes baby octopus. It's roasted in their brick oven.

        1. Chau Chow City has fried calamari as part of their dim sum selection. When I have had it it has never been warm since it sits on the cart for a while, but it is peppery and fried to perfection. I love it

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            If you watch for that cart when it's full, and get it while it's hot, you'll love it even more!!!

          2. I love the calamari fra diavolo at Village Fish. To me, it's the perfect comfort food; sauce with a bite(They'll make it bite as much as you want), a "schissel" of noodles, as my granma used to say, and toothsome calamari...Oh, and their fried calamari is wonderful too. Always smells heavenly!