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Oct 17, 2001 10:48 PM

BU area eats

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Can anyone recommend a good place to go near BU (main campus)? ideally student price range.

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  1. I'd walk over that bridge to Beacon St. and eat at Ginza, the Korean place, Chef Chang's, the Busy Bee or a block down to Audobon Circle. Also if it's dinner time, the tapas place, the Elephant Walk or Sol Azteca.

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      Sure, Elephant Walk is great, but certainly no where *near* student-priced. Then again, most BU students had a hell of an allowance when I was there. ;)

      We ate at Chef Chang's a lot - best with 6+ people so you can all sit at a table with a lazy susan and share entrees.

      If you're heading over to the movies at Landmark Center, take a walk into the Fenway first and try Canestaro's, Thornton's, or (my favorite) Brown Sugar. The Fenway restaurants are no further away than Harvard Ave in Allston, but a little more annoying to get to. You could probably take the shuttle that goes to that BU dorm at Emmanuel college, if BU still has that space, that is...

      Good luck.

    2. There is a post down the board about Ankara, near BU, and this place is nice and inexpensive. I would also suggest Rangoli for Indian food, which on the street that branches out from Comm Ave, near Star market (sorry, my brain is mush right now and I can't remember the street name).

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        Rangoli has great food, as does the pho pasteur next to it. both these are reasonable and they are located at the corner of Brighton Avenue and Harvard Street. However, they are not within walking distance of BU main, but definetely worth a quick ride up the B line for dinner some night.

      2. As usual, my pick for that area is Victoria Seafood, a Hong-Kong style Chinese restaurant on Comm Ave, about a block past that new dorm. At $12.95 for the twin lobster special or something like that, it'll handle a student budget. Of course, there's cheaper stuff on the menu; chow foon with seafood and vegetables are good, and they do a great steamed bass.Check the specials menu.

        1. For good food (maybe not exquisite chow, but certainly high quality) at real student prices, check out the Cafe Belo in Kenmore Sq. This is a Brazilian place, self-serve mostly with a grill/churrascaria in the evenings, where you pay for your dinner by weight. Drinks and desserts are extra, The food is quite varied - salads, starches, meats, fish - and different from day to day. Price is, I think, something like $4.50/pound. Can't beat it for quick meal. You could barely cook for yourself at those prices.