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Oct 17, 2001 12:24 PM

Wurst House?

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Reading about the Wurst Kitchen on the Chicago board prompted me to ask if the Wurst House (in Cambridge?) is still around?

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    For better or wurs, the WH is no longer. It was a victim of the Gap-ification of Harvard Square, and the location now houses a Pacific Sunwear store and an Abercrombie & Fitch. Gone also, of course, since it was in the same building, is the legendary Tasty.

    Culinarily speaking, the loss of the WH is not a tragedy. And those hottie boys in the Abercrombie posters are not hard on the eyes. But it does seem that the Squarea has lost its legendary quirkyness with the demise of such institutions.

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    1. re: splendidspatula

      R.I.P. best selection of beer in Cambridge.
      The food, indeed, went way downhill, and at the end was just something to keep the beer down.

      Any other old-timers out there remember the original Cronin's, RIP also?

      1. re: peregrine

        My brother used to haunt Cronin's, back in the day, when he lived in the building. Didn't the Swiss Alps move into the space after Cronin's closed? Or open there under a different name? I always liked that place, remember getting raclette there and probably quiche, back when nobody much else had it.

        1. re: C. Fox

          It must have been around the early 80s that the Cronin's waitresses organized a union, whereupon Cronin's folded and was replaced by the Swiss Alps.

    2. It's been a number of years since I've been to Cambridge. I have fond memories of the Wurst House, but my fondness doesn't have a lot to do with their food. Sorry they're gone though. pat

      1. The Wursthaus closed in 1996 following a lengthy decline. The owner, Frank Cardullo, died shortly thereafter.

        Little known, even to customers who had visited the Wursthaus for years, was the upstairs lounge. The Lorelei Room. My "regular" place for years.

        RIP, the Lorelei and Frank Cardullo.


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        1. re: Win (Boston)

          The Wursthaus was owned by the same guy who ran the high-end Cardullo's shop across the street? An odd combination of businesses for one person. What else was/is part of his empire?

          1. re: david k

            Actually, Cardullo's across the street was run by MRS Cardullo. Although they lived together, I think they spoke only through clenched teeth.

            As to his empire, it was really not too grand. He presided over his restaurant and lorded over some political appointments, grand dinners and "charitable" functions. Pictures of same dominated the restaurant.

        2. When I was in college almost half a century ago, I loved to go to the Wurst House (to escape the Kirkland House dining room) and have a hot pastrami sandwich and a beer. It always amused us that it was a German place owned by an Italian with a Chinese cook.

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          1. re: StephenB

            Truth is it REALLY went to hell when the Chinese cook quit.

          2. Alas, Cronin's was replaced by Swiss Alps as noted previously. The spot is now occupied by Chili's. How the mighty are fallen!