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Oct 16, 2001 06:06 PM


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finally got to metro last night...and so did lots of restaurant people as we sat next to a group from radius, and we spied the upstairs at the pudding women as well as the owner of evoo. competion checking one another out!

food: solid. nothing spectacular, but everything was solid. mussels were fantastic. the bacon from the frisee lardons was too thick and undercooked. pot au feu and skate wing were both very nice. skipped dessert, although they serve cappucino in ridiculously over-sized bowls. (typical american sensibility...wanting to be authentic with the coffee bowls and then supersizing it!)

service: competent. attractive. several were over the top in their yen to server skated the line on being annoying with her zeal and chatter.

atmosphere: combine the shower room from a YMCA circa 1940, pizzeria uno and an examination room at a hospital and you have the main dining room. dreadful.
best of can't fit your legs under the table!

(brings to mind the marx brothers joke: the food in that place was awful...yeah, and such small portions too.)

bar: nice looking bartop...that's about it. zinc? pewter? the lighting is about as intimate as a trip to the dentist. professional, competent bartenders. strange backbar...harvey's bristol cream on display! although kudos for the uniquely correct service of pastis. smoking at the bar is encouraged, sadly, as they sell cigarettes.

winelist: broad. easy. something for everybody.

music: unnecessarily loud for a quiet dining room. it was as if they want to will activity in that space by playing music so loud that you have to scream to be heard while dining.

time will tell...the foodies will test it and give their approval ( we overheard someone (the manager?) mentioning that julia child will be there on friday). but the real test will be if the foodies return after the buzz has died down.

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  1. You must have had the same waitress we had. She also stopped by every five minutes. (see other posters below on Metro.) Cafe au lait bowls are only served in the morning but they have a place that someone else said, looks like Bertuccis. That light wood is all wrong as are those large bare windows with the horrid view.

    1. I have been meaning to write this up, but haven't had the time. I went last week and here's what I thought...

      We made a reservation at 4PM for 8PM dinner on a Wednesday with no problem. Was relatively busy when we arrived. “Recession” not affecting restaurant business as far as I can see. When busy, the place will be noisy, especially in the front room where the bar is. Lots of space though. Great views of Mass Ave, a White Hen parking lot, and an alley from the large windows. If you are looking for intimate ambiance, look elsewhere.

      On to the food, which is what we really care about. The concept is French Brasserie / Bistro. If you are looking for high-end haute cuisine, look elsewhere.

      For appetizers, I had a special, which was Chicken Liver Pate with Prunes. It was almost mousse-like in its texture, very good. My girlfriend had the shrimp sausage, which I also thought was quite nice. Presentation of both dishes was very nice as well.

      For entrees, I had the Pasta with Spinach, Herbs, and Black Truffle Butter. Sounds good, but I found it terribly disappointing - egg noodles, spinach, and chopped onions. Other dish was better, but not exceptional - roast pork with choucroute (sauerkraut). Portions of both entrees were large.

      We both had dessert, I had the warm apple tart with icecream and she had the chocolate cake. Again, I found mine to be very ordinary, although she raved about the cake.

      The last thing I would say is that it is not cheap. Including tip, our bill was over $100, and we had beer, rather than a bottle of wine. The $9 desserts are way out of line.

      I would love to try this place again, as I really enjoy French and I think I may have ordered some of the "wrong" things. I would be more enthusiastic about doing it sooner rather than later if it wasn't going to cost as much. [and please don't misunderstand the point of my review - I don't mind paying for a good meal - our recent trip to Mantra was worth every cent!]

      But, as of now, unfortunately, my recommendation is to lower your expectations.