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Oct 16, 2001 04:42 PM

Casa Mia revisited

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So, no one posted a response to my query last week about Casa Mia. I'm happy to report it was fabulous...a success for another yum-yum club event. I took a chance and suggested a place I had never been to nor had I spoken w anyone who had eaten there. Its a tiny family run italian resturant off Waltham's hub tucked away in a little neighborhood. Everyone seemed to know the owner and left w happy satisfied smiles, hugs, kisses and handshakes. The place was packed the entire 3 houurs we were there. The food and service were excellent all around from appetizer to dessert. We had antipasto, rack of lamb, veal piccata, veal chops, and I had the best chilean sea bass I ever ate. Oh, and good tiramasu too.The grappa after dinner was quite smooth.I can confidently recommend this place to all chowhounds. Its a real gem. Bon apetit'

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  1. OK, so which "little neighborhood" am I looking for? Couldn't find this place on the Web at all.

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      I think the address is 229 Newton Street, Waltham. Off Moody, take Pine Street (near Embassy Cinama) to the end then take right on Newton. Its just up the road a piece on your right. You'll find parking in a small lot before you reach the restaurant also on the right.

      1. re: Susan

        Can you give me an idea of the prices on the menu? My friends and I are all unemployed and we're always looking for good, inexpensive restaurants.

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          Prices are moderate. Appetizers and salads from $5-9, pasta entrees are between $12-15 and seafood and meat dishes are $17-22. I think the veal chop is $28. Desserts are around $5-6 I think. Dinner including a bottle of wine, one appetizer, 2 salads, 4 entree, 4 cappacino and 1 dessert for 4 ran us about $90/couple. Could get by much cheaper w/o the wine. The place rivals any I have been to in the North End and worth every penny. Went there for the second time Saturday night and it was just as good as the first.

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            Hi, Julie. I hope you don't mind if I interrupt with a couple of technical notes.

            First, we have a large number of users here, and we'll never get to know you and your chow preferences if you continue to use an undistinct handle like "Julie." You can add your last name or come up with something more creative.

            Second, we ask posters not to communicate via subject lines. Many of our regular posters use HotPosts (for more info see the home page), and with HotPosts, our posters can't see that your post named "menu and prices" is linked to the "Casa Mia revisited" thread. If the subject has drifted, then you can change the title (or better yet start a new thread), but since this thread was still about Casa Mia, it's best to leave it alone.

            Thanks for your cooperation!

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              I don't understand what's wrong with Julie's posting.

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                Here's the deal-

                For people like me, like many of us who use the Hot Posts feature to access all the day's postings without visiting the individual board, the post came up titled "menu and prices". Hot Posts shows all the posts of the day on each board, but no thread info. Because she changed the title from the name of the restaurant referred to to "menu and prices", no one who saw that title could tell if it was referring to a restaurant they knew about. For all I could see, she might have been a person who wanted menu and price info on any or all restaurants in a neighborhood of a certain type. Or in a certain price range.

                Try Hot Posts, it's on the home page at the top of the second paragraph. It'll speed up your Chowhound-surfing considerably.