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Oct 16, 2001 12:26 PM

Intimate Resteraunt in South End

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I'm looking for a nice place to take a girlfriend for a birthday dinner. Looking to spend $100 or less with wine and nice ambiance is a must. Any suggestions? I ate a the Truc and enjoyed that immensley.

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  1. Try Claremont Cafe, good food, tiny resto, small but well thought out wine menu

    1. I was just at Icarus a month or so ago and it was really nice. Not as crowded and loud as some South End restaurants. Interesting menu, good service, cute little bar area.

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        I second that vote! Icarus is the best place for romantic delicious birhtday's Ask for a booth, and if you happen to talk to the Bar tender (Tom) and/or the host (John) tell them that Rachel, (the hostess with the mostest) say's Hello, and that i miss them.

      2. Intimate in the South End and under $100. Can be a tall order to fill but believe On the Park meets your criteria. Its a charming littel place that won't break the bank. Enjoy.

        1. Try South End Galeria on Columbus. Interesting traditional Italian menu, great calm service, romantic without trying at all to be romantic. Entrees hover around $20.

          1. I have never had a bad experience at Aquitaine. The room is small, but does not have that over crowded feeling. It is not a cheap meal, but I feel as if it is worth it. Their steak frites are an absolute must!

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              Not to quibble cuz I enjoy Aquitaine, but don't you think their tables are way too close to be considered an intimate place for a b-day dinner? I'd feel like the people next to me would know every single thing going on.