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Oct 15, 2001 04:41 PM

Sonzi's (?)

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Think I have the name right - or at least close. Ate at this restaurant at the end of Newberry Street on Friday. Great food. Room is a little noisy- but aren't they all. Other than the fact that "rare" lambchops were medium, dinner was delicious. Restaurant seems to specialize in food with a little bite - the salmon (those of us in the New York area still call them lox)were served with beets and a horseradish sauce. Lambchops were grilled with a little cumin. Chocolate brownie had chipolte peppers - didn't really notice them until the third bite.

I'd recommend it. Not cheap, but good value.

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  1. It's spelled "Sonsie". Never been, but it's Boston's "see-and-be-seen" restaurant.

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      Not surprised about the "see and be seen". There was some guy posing at the bar and lots of people in black. But even us paunchy chowhounds got a good meal.