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Oct 14, 2001 03:37 PM

il capriccio

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Has anyone dined there recently? If so opinion on food and atmosphere.

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  1. ate there a few yearsago, food was good, place was overly stuffy, will not go back. thx

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      You should try Campania further down main st. towards Watertown across the street from the Kentucky Fried Chicken. Food is out of this world and a 100% Italian wine list to match.Atmosphere makes you feel like you stepped into Italy.

    2. Ate at the bar a year ago and split the most amazing lobster lasagna (or scallop, can't remember), salad and dessert. The bartender serves my boss and his family a lot and was very friendly, didn't notice any stuffiness at all. Had other great meals there many years ago, a friend of mine used to be a chef there.

      1. If this is the place in Waltham, we've eaten there a couple of times over the last year. The food is excellent. Both times we have eaten in the bar area because we didn't have a reservation and the place was packed.

        1. have been there often. not cheap, but dishes such as the veal chop, lamb chops are cooked perfectly, and i've never had a bad pasta dish. jeanie, the sommelier, has a great wine list. she hosts a foodie trip to italy every year; a friend at work has gone on one and says it was an incredible moveable and moving feast.