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Oct 14, 2001 01:21 PM

French Toast

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Who serves the best french toast in the Boston area?
Thanks in advance,

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  1. Try Zaftig's in Coolidge Corner, Brookline. Big thick fluffy slices and a nice breakfast all around.

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      Sorella's wins for originality-- they have a ridiculous amount of different types and flavors. Center Street Cafe also has great brunch specials, and when ever I get their French toast it is always great.

    2. Sorella's in Jamaia Plain serves excellent French Toast in an incredible amount of varieties (e.g. banana bread french toast), but the plain old kind is tough to beat there.

      Flour on Washington Street in the South End serves great French Toast slices by the slice on thick bread (very eggy) but only on weekends.

      S & S Deli in Somerville is good as well.

      1. Try Johnnies in Cambridge or Newton. They make a crunchy french toast to die for! Good atmosphere, great coffee too. . .