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Oct 13, 2001 11:08 PM

5 nights in boston

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I asked this question in New Orleans with heartfelt as a local I ask you....5 nights in Boston...where to enjoy the best Boston has to offer???

Some of my thoughts are

Bristol Lounge---hang at a couch and share a perfectly dressed ceaser salad and a great burger...or just stroll in for hot nuts and a martini...

Franklin the eclectic croud with wonderful, affordable food..lots of atmosphere for a tiny place where chefs go after hours...

Ginza---if you're looking for sushi ...this is the Chinatown

Two more nights....

is it Mistral?........Cleo......Hammersley'.........

So many wonderful little discussion and advice.....

Please let's talk about food

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  1. Well, I think we certainly talk about food all the time here, but I'll bite. I first thought of the Franklin Cafe too and agree that the Bristol Lounge is great. I personally like Sonsie cuz I think the food is good and the scene is fun/funny, but can understand people being turned off by it. I think Penang in Chinatown is fun. Out of your swanky choices, I'd pick Mistral or Ambrosia. Bob the Chef's is good. I wish McCormick & Schmick's wasn't an out of town chain cuz it's my favorite fish place right now. I guess that's six nites' worth.

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      at Panang??? I've been hoping to try it and would love to know favorites to order since I know nothing about mongolian food.

      I don't mean to say we don't talk about food. I just feel sometimes the forum is all over the place and lacks substance from its members....please this is not a just inspires me...

    2. Oh, don't get me started! Franklin Cafe *is* great (and yes, as a pro cook I do eat there once and a while)...but no desserts. Ginza's fine in Chinatown, but East Ocean City is a nice, formal Chinese place. In town try No. Nine Park, Pigalle, Sage, Mantra. In Cambridge, try Salts, Macondo (new, but really want to go there!), Aspasia, Dali for tapas, Rialto (natch), Blue Room, hell, even Emma's Pizza across the street.

      I know I'm prejudiced (very picky in terms of skill/quality/talent), but some are just my plain faves (and people whose palates I respect really dig these, too). Just eat & enjoy, and let me know what you think!