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Oct 13, 2001 05:33 PM

Restaurant between Boston and Acton

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I'm meeting my son for dinner on Mon. (10/15). He lives in Boston; I live in Acton. Any suggestions for a restaurant, half-way between us, where we can enjoy a leisurely, delicious meal? (Not the Hartwell House.)


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  1. Il Cappricio in Waltham has a great wine list and very good food. A bit pricey, but Jeanie the sommelier there really knows her stuff.

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      Not far from the Hartwell House, and a whole lot better in every way, is Dalya's in Bedford. Continue out 4/225 past Hartwell Rd, thru Bedford Center. Bear right where 62 goes left (from Acton, cross 62 East thru Concord to this intersection), and Dalya's is set back from the road on the left. Very eclectic menu, charming room, fireplace, etc. I've eaten there several times, and the food has ranged from very good to outstanding. The menu changes frequently.