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Oct 12, 2001 10:38 PM

Brunches in the Cambridge/Boston/Somverville/lex/arl?

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Where are the best brunches around and slightly to the north of the muddy waters of the Charles? I tried a few places--Johnny D's, Upstairs at the Pudding (offerings felt unimaginative/adequate, like standard hotel fare and a few exotic items/fairly pricey), Gospel Brunch at House of Blues (bit greasy--yummy on the right day), Harvest (bit pricey--good variety, well executed dishes).

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  1. I've liked the Blue Room for Brunch. Nice buffet with a "grill" influence. Also the East Coast Grill does a nice brunch. Enjoy.

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    1. re: chuck s

      i second the blue room - by far the best (eclectic and lots of choices) brunch buffet in town and i think better value than the ones offered by hotels like the 4 seasons and the like.

    2. Claremont Cafe, SOuth End

      1. I third the Blue Room (amphatically). Also- although it seems to receive a lot of press (a fact that completely baffles me), I would tend to stay away from Henrietta's table.

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          Does anyone know if the Neighborhood in Union Square, Somerville is still doing brunch? That used to be great for a quirky, big, tasty, vaguely Portugese-influenced meal. Haven't been there in ages, but definitely chowhoundish, as I recall.

          Also, the S&S in Inman Square, Cambridge offers good, deli-style brunch, and much of their breakfast stuff is available all day. Long lines on weekends, but they move reasonably rapidly.

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            I would STRONGLY recommend against S&S. My last experience there put me off to the point that I will NEVER go back again.
            Upon arriving I was told there would be a 15 minute wait for a table for two. After 90 minutes we were finally seated. On the way by, I mentioned to the hostess/troll that it would have been nice to have a more reasonable estimate of the wait, especially since she has worked there for 40 years, she should get it by now. Naturally she denied telling me it would only be 15 minutes.

            1. re: Alan H

              Have to respectfully disagree here. While the poster clearly had a bad experience, I think it exceptional. The S&S is probably closer to Durgin Park rather than L'Espalier vis a vis service, but we eat there frequently, often with baby in tow. (Which is why we eat there frequently, rather than L'Espalier.) We've never had a problem with negative attitude on service, and always leave satisfied.

              1. re: splendidspatula

                I agree wholeheartedly - if I'm going to S&S, it's for the food, not atmosphere or service. And the food is excellent. In my experience, the wait has always been a lot shorter than I thought it would be, based on the amount of people waiting - and I've been there with parties of 2 and with 10. I've always had decent service, and have always left full. If it's such a bad place, it certainly wouldn't have so many people waiting in line every weekend - until 2 in the afternoon sometimes!!

            2. re: thesplendidspatula

              It may be chowhoundish if quantity is valued over quantity. There are some quirkily good things, though, like the sausages. It's weird to have a dressed salad on your plate of pancakes, though....

            3. Definetely try the Blue Room. Great brunch and very reasonable for what you get.