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Oct 12, 2001 04:37 PM

Rabia's for Lunch

  • j

I had an pleasant surprise in the North End today that I wanted to share. Rabia's on Salem Street, a solid restaurant in the sea of other good North End places, has a wonderful lunch menu that is roughly 50% below the competition.

For $4.99, you have a choice of 6 entrees or so, including a linguini in clam sauce (white or red). I got the white version, and it was very good -- and somewhat different from others I have had. The sauce seemed to have a creamy base, and there were tons of clams, snap peas, carrot bits, and a quarter of a fire-roasted yellow pepper (along with a couple of pieces of garlic bread). They also had a broader menu in the $6-11 range, including dishes like veal marsala, etc.

While I don't think that this is worth a special trip, if you're in the North End around lunch time, it might be worth remembering.

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  1. It's also good for dinner too!

    1. My family was visting from Australia and we took them here. They loved it as much as we do and asked us to take them again for on their last night in Boston.I disagree that it is not worth a special trip.