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Oct 11, 2001 08:40 PM

Venue for a 40th birthday?

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My husband turns 40 next week and I would love to take him out to a wonderful dinner (pricey OK). Some places we have tried and enjoyed in the past:

The Hungry I (on Charles St)
La Campania (in Waltham)
Rialto (in the Charles Hotel)
[pricey place on Gloucester St. in Boston but name escapes me]

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  1. The place you're thinking of on Gloucester is L'Espalier. I just had a great meal at Seasons in the Millenium hotel. I had a nice meal at the Top of the Hub a couple years ago and you can't beat that view. Bay Tower Room is good for that too. Aujourd'hui in the Four Seasons is a favorite of people altho I prefer the Bristol Lounge. I love that room. Il Capriccio in Waltham is great. Those are a few that come to mind.

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      My spouse treated me to a wonderful birthday dinner last winter at Oleana, on Hampshire St. in Cambridge.