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Oct 9, 2001 04:01 PM

Chinese or Thai in Lex/Arl area

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Need a good place for an early Sat. eve dinner. Used to like Yangtze River but it seems that its gone way down hill over the years. Used to go to Great Wall in Bedford - eh. Suggestions please! Thanks!

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    Robert Belson

    How about Korean - Dabin on 10 Muzzey St. in Lex Center. Just ate there last night and it was great -- standard Japanese/Korean menu. We split the Seafood Soup for 2 (plenty for 3, really) and had some seaweed salad, very good and some steamed spinach - not as good.

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      Rama Thai on Mass. Ave. in Arlington Hts, very close to the bus yard, has some interesting dishes I have not seen elsewhere.

      If you care to go as far afield as Waltham Center for something unusual, Carambola, a Cambodian place run by the Elephant Walk gang, is excellent.

      I'm not sure if it's still there, but there was a northern Chinese place next door to the Regent Theatre on Medford St that also had some out-of-the-ordinary dishes, especially lamb.

      I agree that the Yangtzee and the Great Wall have fallen off lately.

    2. We have two favorite thai places in this area...

      Sweet Chili in arl center...good food, somewhat
      bland decor and not much privacy while dining.
      good seafood specials in particular...

      Lemongrass in Lex center is the best...
      good seating, lots of variety, good plum wine,
      soups, salads, tofu triangles are yummy...

      1. Well, we tried Rama Thai (which used to be in Brighton BTW) and it was just "good". The pitfalls were the blandly flavored Pad Thai and the too mellow masaman curry. No punch. No zip. No tingle. Also the Tom Yong Kum was not quite hot enough and the shrimp undercooked. Oh well. But thanks for the reco - our friends liked it more than we did.