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Oct 9, 2001 02:28 PM


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has anyone heard anything about this place now that they have finally opened?

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  1. We thought the food was good but othe back looks like a french bistro with it's peeling mirrors and nicely fraimed posters but the main dining area , has booths It is noisy but the food is good. The waitperson put the folk on the wrong side and my dates carving knife on my side. I overheard two of the personnel refer to two parrties as "you guys" the wood is light colored on walls and trim so the effect is very antiseptic, like a bertuccis. no intimacy like a true bistro or even a brasserie. I thought for the place it is trying to be,it is expensive. Another thing, the huge windows are bare. the view, horrendous. They cry out for etched glass or opaque curtains.Did I mention the table bases are absurd, you can't get your feet comfortable.

    1. I ordered a chateau de Jau with desert, a muscat, it tasted like a watery tasteless wine. thinking they knew what they were serving so it was my poor choice. A few days later at another restaurant, I ordered the same drink because I had told the waiter about drinking it somewhere else. He assured me, it was a true muscat, and indeed it was. I'll never know because I should have spoken up at Metro.