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Oct 8, 2001 03:22 PM

Bread Pudding

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Hello Chowhounders,
Where in the Boston area can you find a really good bread pudding.One with a good custard base.

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  1. a
    AGM/Cape Cod

    I don't know if it still the same but I used to work at Mass General and the coffeeshop had the best bread pudding with hard sauce. Maybe they were trying to drum up business.

    1. South End Galleria has quite a reputation for Bread Pudding - it is the same that they used to serve at Galleria Italiana...It is very good, but I am not sure about the "custard base" requirement...

      1. I had great bread pudding about a month ago at La Scala. La Scala is on RT 28 in Randolph. Their sister establishment is Mother Anna's in the North End. They may have it as well so you might want to call. I don't know if it was a custard base or not though.