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Oct 7, 2001 02:28 PM

cozy, good restaurant in Cambridge

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I will be visiting Cambridge the end of October, for a meeting at Harvard. Would love to find a cozy, intimate, stylish restaurant with great food near Harvard. I would appreciate it if someone knows of such a place, or a place that meets even some of the criteria.

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  1. The central square kitchen is wonderful. It is located on Mass.Ave. And it is cozy.

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      Rialto in the Charles Hotel has some of the best cuisine in ANY city. Chez Henri on Mass Ave. is also very good. For wonderful seafood, try Butterfish.

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      Slightly away from Harvard Square, but eminently cab-able is Salts, on Main Street outside of Central Square. Small dining room, friendly and knowledgeable staff combine with refined, sophisticated, but not overdone food with Eastern European roots. Excellent!

      1. The Harvest meets all of your requirements. Great food, cozy space, stylish, right in Harvard Square.

        1. I second both Chez Henri and Salts. Also try Oleana on Hampshire St or eat restaurant in Union Square. While none of these are in Harvard Sq, they are all worth a trip, and the fact that they're slightly removed from the bustle of the square ups the coziness factor.