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Oct 4, 2001 11:40 PM

Best Banana Split?

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Where in the Boston area can I get the best banana split? Quality of ice cream matters for me, but not as much as the quality of toppings (esp. hot fudge) and the overall "feel" and "experience" of eating it. Anyone get what I'm sayin? Thanks!


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  1. I'm not really into banana splits, more a sundae w/ great whipped cream and crushed heath bar kinda gal. But my friend swears by the hot fudge from Herrell's.

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    1. re: Joanie

      all I can say is they have the absolute best ice cream experience with their choclate chip ice cream---it's actually chewy!!! the best ice cream if someone says try their hot fudge of banana split...well, I'm a believer.

      1. re: gyppielou

        Definitely the hot fudge. And if you're a peppermint fan, their pep. ice cream is the greatest.

      2. re: Joanie

        Christina's , just a couple of doors from east coast grill, has a very good banana split (and a great selection of ice cream flavors) for just five bucks. it is a cheaper and more enjoyable treat than many of the $8-12 desserts that are offered in the swankier spots in town.

        1. re: stan

          I went to Christina's Homemade Ice Cream in Inman Sq. tonight and it was great. I ended up not getting a banana split, although when I want one, this'll be where I go. Christina's has Chocolate Banana ice cream which made me SOOOOO happy when I saw it, cause that is my favorite ice cream flavor EVER. Christina's version was good, it was kind of cocoa-ey, very smooth. That's what I got instead of my banana split. Thanks a lot for the suggestion! I'll definitely go back


      3. For a strange and delicious banana split, try the one offered at the East Coast Grill. Has some unusual tropical ice cream flavors and is truly delish.