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Oct 3, 2001 10:25 AM

More kudos for Tacos Lupita -- best tacos around

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I just wanted to add another round of kudos for Tacos Lupita, the Somerville taco spot. It is the ultimate Chowhound find. Unassuming, out-of-the-way, un-trendy, but with amazing, fresh food, nice people, etc. I am a regular take-out customer there, and I just want to say that their pork tacos are the BEST (chicken is also good). They roast the pork on a spit and then shave thin slices for the tacos, so there are all kinds of nice crisp pieces of the pork. (Don't bother with the burritos -- the tacos are what they do best.) Be sure to get their special hot sauces with it, on the side.

Last time I was there, I watched as they made their tortillas by hand, from the dough, to a tortilla mold, to the frying pan. We typically don't eat in the restaurant -- it has zero ambience.

I'm a Californian, taco aficionado, frequent Mexico traveler, and I can tell you, these tacos ROCK.

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    Is this the Place in Union Sq. ????

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      It's on Elm Street, near the corner of Somerville Ave. It's not too far from Union Sq, but not in Union Sq. Closer to Porter.

    2. Agreed. The food is just plain great. After getting food there the last two nights, I'm promising myself I won't go there tonight. Even a great thing can get old!

      1. Besides the tacos, also try the pupusas de revueltas. I think that's what you saw them making back there. I wasn't aware they made their own tortillas. But that's a nice plus if they do.

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          Went there last Thursday night and the place smelled to high heaven of half eaten food that was left in a rubber tub at the end of the room. The tables were dirty and there was trash all over the floor.

          We mistakenly stayed for what usually is great food, but this night was like eating in a different restaurant.

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