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Oct 2, 2001 07:23 PM

New Restaurant..Troquet

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Just walked by this place on Boylston St across from the Common..very small, nice menu, French...I haven't seen any hype on this one in the usual restaurant columns..anyone heard anything about it?

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  1. I think this is the one I just read about in Stuff@Nite. It's the Uva guy's new place if I'm not mistaken. Is this the little spot a few doors to the right of Pravda? It was a restaurant for a very short time that looked cute but never got mentioned then closed. Seems like a good spot. Does anyone remember Devon on the Common from eons ago, a few more doors to the right? That place was great.

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      I used to love Devon on the Common...Troquet is the spot you're thinking of..a few doors away from Pravda..lots of wines by the glass.

    2. My wife and I went last Sunday and enjoyed it very much. I had a very nice chevre croquet salad and sauteed cod. Not often do I indulge in something so buttery. Perhaps a bit much for some, but I enjoyed breaking my own rules. My wife had a stew of monkfish and scallops - bold, fall flavors perfect for a windy cool night.

      They have an EXTENSIVE wine list offering many by the glass. They also offer a large number of flights for a very reasonable charge. This alone makes a trip to Troquet worthwhile. Add very good food and very, very pleasant service and you've got a nice addition to the Boston food scene. Okay, so subtract a couple of points for noise, especially on a quiet night. I still recommend it.

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        What kind of prices do they have?

        1. re: Joanie

          Apps around $6-8
          Entrees in the low $20's
          I had a three-glass flight of Sauv Blanc for $12 - very generous pours.

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            Actually I walked by there last nite and took a look at the menu, thought the prices were higher. The steak dish was $35 I think and most were mid $20's at least. Apps seemed to be more like $10 or so. Wonder if they change the menu a lot. I'll try it but was hoping for a better deal.

      2. A quick report on my visit last night. I want to get this out before the reviews jam the place.

        This is a great addition to the Boston scene. The room was comfortable. The service knowledgeable and pleasant. The food was excellent.

        In particular, an impressive selection of wines by the glass. Imagine: the reds and whites are served at different temperatures! Sad to say, this is a breakthrough for Boston. Such a refreshing change from restaurants that pull your white wine out of the beer cooler, forcing you to order ahead if you want it at a drinkable temperature with your meal. Choice of 2 oz or 4 oz pours for each of the dozens of wines available by the glass. Fairly priced: three to five dollars for the small pours. Double that for the larger pour.

        Probably the best cheese service in Boston. Select either three or six from an offering of ten or twelve brought to your table. Soft and perfectly ripe. Served with nuts, guava and fruit and nut bread.

        Appetizers and entrees are very, very good... No real surprises here. No leaps of creative genius, but not dull either. I had sweetbreads followed by a crusted cod. I'll go into detail later when I retrieve a copy of the menu from my car.