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Oct 1, 2001 07:32 PM

Best Steak

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Please give me your opinions on where I can get the best steak in Boston or surronding areas. I am a frequent visitor to the Capital Grill and want to try some place new. Thanks!

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  1. Grill 23, Oak Room, Abe and Louie's, Mortons, The Palm all have their followers and most of the readers here will give STRONG opinions for their favorites. They are all quality steak houses.

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    1. re: Joel

      Oak Room gets my vote. Consistantly excellent.

      Have had multiple good experiences (but not in the Oak's league, IMHO) at Flemings, Abe & Louie.

      Mixed at Palm, Mortons, Cap Grill (above places I would all rate higher than Cap).


      1. re: Joel

        due to many recommendations, I have taken Grill 23 off my list of places I'm dying to try...Morton's, Oak Room and Abe and Louis remain on my return hit list.

      2. Gavens in Middleton has the best steaks as well as crab cakes and what ever else you would find at a steakhouse. They bill themselves as the Capital Grille of the north shore.And the wine list is very impressive. You might even find Turley Zin on the list