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Sep 28, 2001 02:56 PM

Seeking Special Cambodian Soup

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A few years ago, I ate at a (now closed) Cambodian restaurant in Hadley, Mass. and ordered a dish called "Suki Soup." Since then, I have been to a few Cambodian restauarants and have seen nothing like it.

The soup had lots of types of meat, vegetables and noodles and was served in a big hot pot type of bowl where it was kept hot by a flame. Unfortunately, I don't know if the name "Suki" is the name of a traditional dish or if it was just the name THAT restaurant gave it. The broth was delicious, not spicy, not coconutty, but it is hard to describe it much more than that. I know it's a long shot that anyone else remembers having this, but i figure it's worth a try. If you have, where can I find it?


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  1. I don't know of it specifically, but it sounds a little like a Cambodian soup called Kuy Thieu that they serve at the Elephant Walk - and if not perhaps they might be able to refine your search somewhat. The link is below, and I am sure that one of the chefs could at least help you out a little. Drop them an email, they are quite helpful. The web address is

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      I emailed Elephant Walk and haven't heard back from them yet. I have been there once before, it was good, but a bit fancy for me. Are there any less fancy and more tasty cambodian restaurants that anyone recommends? I've heard of Carambola too, looking for others....

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        Check out the Red Rose, a cambodian restaurant in Lowell (716 Middlesex Street, 978-452-5400). Kuy Tieu isn't on the menu, just pho. However, just ask for the kuy tieu and they will provide. (The listings on the menu just say "red rose pho", "phom phen pho" etc. They will tell you want kind of meat is in each one and then just specify that you want kuy tieu) This place is excellent and is inexpensive. It is also next to an asian grocery store so it is easy to kill two birds with one stone.

        The special soup that was referred to sounds like vietnamese "Lau." I had it in vietnam and have seen it on numerous menus in various vietnamese restaurants in the area. One of my favorites is Tu Do, on Beach Street in Chinatown. I have had most items on this menu, however have not tried the Lau, mostly because it is approximately $20, which is a little much for a lunch order. Tu Do, does have excellent grilled meats. I highly recommend the bbq chicken with lemongrass and rice. It is listed on the rice portion of the menu. They also have the best fresh spring rolls in the area. Most better than Pho Pasteur.