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Apr 23, 2005 10:30 PM

Mukiteo Help Please

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I'm a Tucson hound coming to Mukiteo for three days in May.

Don't know the area at all --- where should we dine? Seafood and/or eclectic is always good for us.

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  1. I see that no one is helping; I have spent some time in Mukilteo and, if there is good food there, they have succeeded in keeping it a secret from me. There may be decent fare in nearby Edmonds, or hidden in Everett, but you may very well be SOL unless you sigh deeply and take the not-so-terribly-long drive down I-5 to Seattle.

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      I LIVE in Mukilteo and am a huge foodie so here goes... Arnies is a delight.Located about a block above the Mukilteo Ferry with beautiful views of Whidbey Island the food is outstanding.A must is the "Salt and Pepper Shrimp".Any of the seafood entrees are without fail but stick to Seafood as thats thier gig. They are also open for lunch and always available is the to die for Seafood Bisque.Amici Bistro is a fine Italian Restaurant on the Main drag.(Mukilteo Speedway) The Escargot is heaven and not prepared in the usual Garlic Butter but in a red sauce.If not for my boyfriend insisting we try it I would have missed out on this heavenly appetizer.Both of the above are on the spendy side but then we have Kosta,s that prepares Greek, Italian, and Mediterainian Cuisine.I recently tried it for lunch and the Gyro Sandwich was huge and served with a side Greek Salad and Fries all for 7.95.I could only finish half. We also have Wellers Cafe that serves a mean breakfast.(try the Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs)There is also a a charming Brewry located very near the Ferry entrance next to Woody's General Store.Of course there are many other restaurants but these in my humble opinion serve quality as well as consistant food. We are about 15 min. from Everett and there you will find Lombardi's (up scale contemporary Italian)with views of the marina and Anthony's (two locations : one specializing in Pacific Northwest Seafood and the other boasting a Wood Fire Grill. We prefer and enjoy the one preparing Seafood. For out of this world Thai we go to Lana Thai. The atmosphere is lovely and the food and service outstanding.We recently moved here from Florida(three years new) and love it. So perhaps Robert should try a little harder before pooh poohing a SMALL charming town.

      1. re: K.T.

        I was in Mukilteo (from Los Angeles) on business for a couple of weeks in June/July and tried Amici Bistro. It was really, really good! I can not wait to get back for a second visit. By all means, try this place and you will be glad you did.

        1. re: K.T.

          That charming brewery is the Diamond Knot. I live here in Mukilteo and I agree with all your recommendations, but would also add:

          Best ambiance/view and food:
          John's Grill and Wine Bar on 5th Ave.
          Ivar's (more for the view than anything else. But you can get that at Arnies too, which is more local than Ivar's)

          Strictly great food:
          Hanami Sushi, across the street from QFC is outstanding (not much ambiance though.)
          Tin Fish
          Kosta's (wait... you said that one, but I second it!!!!)
          Amici Bistro (a little pretentious and overpriced, considering they are in a little strip mall across from the post office. But the food is great)

          Patty's Eggnest. That place is packed every single weekend. It's good!

      2. One place that I have been to a few times and has always been nice is Arnie's. It has a nice view of the water and the food/service has been consistently good.

        Ivar's has many locations (it is a Seattle based chain), but we have always enjoyed the Mukilteo location. It sits next to the ferry dock. It is casual and has great chowder.

        If you want to stick with options in the north end, there are a few in Everett up near the Navy base on Marine View Drive. Lombardi's (Italian) and Anthony's. Anthony's is the same group that has locations in Seattle as well as Kirkland, I believe. There are two Anthony's at the Everett location, one being the nicer restaurant and the other is the Wood Fired Grill. All three of these restaurants are nice and about as good as it gets for the northern area.