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Sep 27, 2001 08:02 PM

November Visit

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Hi there,

I'll be visiting the city (1st time) for a long w/e in November. I thought I'd just try and eat out w/o booking. Is this realistic ? This can be a bit problematic in Manhattan.

I like all food but am especially interested in any specialities e.g. Chowder, Oysters, Crab and Lobster. Legal Seafoods seems to be a popular tourist choice but does it have the blessing of the Chowhounds ?



PS What's the weather like in November ?

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  1. I can't tell you too much about dining experiences in Boston, but I can tell you that while there is a chance the weather may be mild, it is equally likely that it will be windy and bitterly cold. Probably a little early for deep snow. Pack a wool sweater, a coat, scarf, hat, and gloves. Although if you're only coming for a weekend, you might check the forecast just before leaving, remembering that they're not always right.

    1. I was just in Boston this weekend and it was hot! You can never tell up here.....
      I always have a wonderful time strolling around the North End (lived right off Hanover Street in my early 20's). The "lobster tails" at Mike's pastry are the reason I don't order dessert at restaurants....
      Go for simple. There are so many amazing tiny places to have great food. Stay away from the obvious, blah, blah.
      If you want to go fancy & feel like heading outside the city....Blue Ginger in Wellesley really is a treat. Have fun!

      1. I know it's probably a sin to say this on this board - but I have always had great meals at Legal Seafoods... But I've had equal success with smaller hole-in-the wall places too.

        Another good place to try - if you want to go fancy - in addition to Blue Ginger in Wellesley, is Lumiere in west Newton. It's very easy to get to from the city - right off the Masspike - and the Chef won best new chef from Food&Wine magazine last year. Excellent food - always consistent - but small, so make reservations early for weekend nights.

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          I agree that Legal's has decent seafood. Not an adventure but good, fresh fish.

          Blue Ginger is very good & tres trendy.

          I've eaten at Lumiere twice in the past year. Elegant food, but way too loud. To a degree that it impacted my impression of the whole experience.

        2. Not sure what kind of price range you're going for, but if super-informal places are okay (reservations probably not taken, much less required), you might want to check out the link below to a recent discussion of Boston "hole in the wall" kinds of places.


          1. right now it is cold and windy. Legal seafood has plain but excellant seafood and it is the only restaurant chain that has their own inspectors so you'll never get sick. Unfortunately, they don't serve fruit de mer but Brasserie Jo on huntington ave does. Are you the sister of Simon who posts on the international forum?

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              Robin is Simon's brother.

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                Robin Majumdar

                Actually, I'm his big brother, but I have been wearing my hair a little long recently :)

                Thanks to all Boston ChowHounders for your advice. Despite all that's going on at the moment I'm really looking forward to my visit.