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Sep 27, 2001 04:12 PM

Jerne at the new Ritz

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Anyone been yet?

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  1. Jer-Ne is definitely on my list of next restaurants to try. Next for me will be Tangierino and Metro.

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      I went last Friday. It was fine but I wasn't wowed. It's a lot cuz of personal taste. If I'm going out for a fancy dinner, I prefer straight continental, French or northern Italian and don't really want lots of Asian and Indian influences in the food, which much of their menu had. I had tandoori sea bass with a tiny bit of grains and asparagus. My friend had a delicious pepper crusted steak with mushrooms I think and a weird block of potato. Entrees were much less than I thought they'd be, mid-high 20's with a few in the 30's. We split the crabcake/salmon cake/duck cake appetizer which was tasty but the tiniest little cakes for $15. I think our salad was $15 too and that was really small. Pita bread and a spicy Indian bread were served with mango chutney and butter. Can't remember dessert that well, something w/ vanilla ice cream. This is unlike me to space on dessert.

      The downstairs lounge was cool, they served those wasabi peas that I love. Upstairs dining room is quite spacious, too bad you look out over ugly Amory St. The waiter was a little too kiss ass but he was nice, from Slovakia. I read a review of Jer-Ne in the ladder district article in the Calendar and they said they had a million people serving them, but it didn't seem excessive to me. The wine guy made a good suggestion. It's definitely worth a try and a relative deal for a restaurant in the Ritz.