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Sep 26, 2001 11:43 AM

A positive contribution: Yely's Coffee Shop

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Okay, okay. I've posted my first and last negative note to the list. Now for a contribution:

Yely's Coffee Shop on Center St in Jamaica Plain, towards to Roxbury End, across the street from the Jackson SQ Orange line station. It's a Dominican take-out place, and I don't even think they serve coffee. What they do have is a big case filled with Dominican delights: chicharron (not just the skin, but with the fat and pork left on, seasoned and deep fried), chuletas (pork chops), chicken (roasted or fried), boiled yuca with red onions, maduros (ripe plantains), tostones (fried green plantains), etc., etc. Try the Dominican spaghetti. Lots of stuffed fried things with local names. Big fat slices of fried salami, long skinny fried beef sausages. They'll fill a big styrofoam box for you, and eyeball it for a price -- usually between five and seven bucks. Instead of coffee, get one of the bottled neon drinks. Bring your chowhound Spanish, or at least an index finger, and you'll get what you want -- with slices of lime on the side for squirting over everything! Stand eating at the small counter, then find a big rock to crawl under; you'll need a three hour nap to recover.

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  1. Ha ha, I always wondered if that was a good place for breakfast. JP is sadly lacking in that department. I still need to try Puposo Guanica (sp?) and the chimi place.

    1. Can you describe the Dominican spaghetti--it's intriguing.

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      1. re: berkleybabe

        Dominican spaghetti is a bit like the spaghetti I used to get as a kid at the Automat in NYC. (The Automat! Now that was something!) It's a kind of mushy mix of spaghetti, grease, tomato sauce, more grease, with bits of Dominican salami or sausage in it. It's actually sort of fun.

        1. re: Dr. Dog

          "It's actually sort of fun."

          To eat, or run you hands through? :)
          Thanks for the info and, yeah, the Automat; food wonderland for a kid.

      2. Positively positive I will check it out when next in the area.

        1. Wecome Dr. Dog, and THANKS!

          I'm looking forward to checking out Yely's.


          1. Bellyful of brunch at Redd's in Rozzie, driving through JP at the pace of a sunny Sunday, a spot opens up out front of Yely's which can only mean one thing. The steamtable is steaming, a pile o' pollo plopped in mere minutes prior, the decision is easy. Skip the spaghetti. A couple of hoodlums ahead opt for carne guisada so I follow suit along with a half-bird.

            Salinophiles rejoice. The bird is well-seasoned down to the bone. The skin retains some elements of crisp but that's besides the point, for lurking beneath is subcutaneous schmaltz of an almost sickening proportion. I tear into the bird cackling maniacally and in 10 seconds "just one bite" has caused an entire leg to vaporize. It's schmaltz of nuclear proportions at points almost too challenging to even get down my gullet. Over-the-top rich, delicious in the moment, but seconds later my hands are glistening white in the schmaltzy murder scene aftermath and the ultimate remorse of having committed an unspeakable crime.

            The guisada is tops and will be further enjoyed alongside some worthy tortillas.

            Yely's has a truck, but I hope they operate nowhere near my home or office.

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            1. re: Nab

              Awesome write-up!

              I just really noticed this place for the first time a few weeks ago and had added it to my list. Interesting to see it's been around since at least '01 without ever getting a mention here.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                It's been mentioned a few times over the years but mostly in passing and without any kind of real dedicated coverage. Perfect for a Phoenix piece !