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Sep 25, 2001 09:54 AM

Rice Table

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My wife and I recently traveld to Amsterdam and had a great Indonesian Rice Table there. We were wondering of there is anyplace in the Boston area that Does the Rice Table. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. I wasn't familiar with that but you piqued my interest. Sounds delish. I found this info on the Andover Inn serving an 'Indonesian Rijsttafel' on Sundays:

    "An original Indonesian "Rijsttafel" prepared the right way and eaten in the proper manner is a real culinary pleasure. It consists of dry steamed rice and an indefinite number of side dishes and sauces, which are either seasoned or not. "Rijsttafel" is eaten with a large spoon in the right hand and a fork in the left hand from a soup plate. You start by taking a little of the hot rice and surround it with the side dishes. If you wish you can also put a small quantity of Sambal Badjak on the rim of your plate. Herewith you may season the food in accordance with your taste. If you eat the "Rijsttafel" this way, the flavor will be brought out fully because each side dish has a special flavor of its own. Do not mix the side dishes with the rice because the fine taste will be lost..."


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      I ate there about a year ago. My standards of comparison are Amsterdam and Curacao. On that scale, the Andover Inn, imho, clocks in at "suburban Chinese" levels. I don't know about the price - I was a guest that day. Generally OK, but served in a WASP establishment and rather bland. Looked better than it tasted.

    2. People have been talking about this a lot at with most saying they enjoy the rice table at the Andover Inn but at least one person saying it wasn't that good and had snooty service. I don't think there are any other places serving that.