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Sep 24, 2001 05:37 PM

Oleana - great food, very overpriced wine list

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Went there last Saturday. Had Duck Boregi for appetizer and vension for a main course. Both were very, very good.

Wine list though is appalling. $36 for a very average bottle of Cote du Rhone. This was one of the least expensive bottles of wine on the list.

When will restaurateurs figure out that by not overpricing wine they would sell a lot more and make a heck of a lot more money. Demand for wine is elastic afterall.

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  1. a note on oleana. i did not drink wine. i thought the entrees were creative, beautiful, and of course delish. BUT, both my and my partner's desserts were for the birds. not even for birds. so we left feeling let down and i am not sure i want to go back. maybe the desserts are now better? we went within a few weeks of the opening. please advise---

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      Hi, Daniel--

      Your post kind of surprised me. I've never been to Oleana, but I'd be pretty happy with a place that served entrees that were "creative, beautiful, and of course delish." While I understand that it sucks to have the last element of a meal be sub-par (the last thing always sticks in your mind the most), I wouldn't write off the restaurant because of that. I'd simply go again for dinner and plan to go someplace else for dessert. As a bonus, a meal in stages can be great fun, even for a very special, fancy occasion.

      I'd be a very happy chowhound if all places that I like offered "one stop shopping," but the reality is that lots of places only offer one good thing (or one good category of things). I try to learn what that one good thing is, and then, when I'm in the mood for that one thing, I go to the place that does it best.

      Just trying to offer a different perspective...

      1. re: Beth P.

        I agree that dessert is no reason to write off what is otherwise what I found to be very good, inventive, intelligent dishes. The beef galette with chickpea fries is outstanding.

        The next time you go, try the baked Alaska and you'll end your meal happy. It's made with coconut ice-cream with a coconut, macaroon-like base and a passion fruit sauce with a dense is enough to share. Wow, is it good.

    2. As a wine distributor who works with Oleana on a regular basis, I would like to speak in their defense. While it is not printed on the wine list, all of the wine selections offered by the glass are also available by the bottle for between 24 and 32 dollars a bottle. When in doubt, just ask.

      I agree with you, Ana's food is outstanding.