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Sep 24, 2001 05:16 PM

Japanese Breakfast

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Is there any Japanese restaurant that serves traditional Japanese breakfast in Boston?

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  1. I know Aujourd'hui at the Four Seasons has a Japanese breakfast.

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    1. re: Nick
      Allie D'Augustine

      Ok, I'm terribly curious, so I'll bite: what exactly does a traditional Japanese breakfast entail?

      1. re: Allie D'Augustine

        A Japanese breakfast consists of some kind of miso-based soup, rice (or rice porridge), fish, pickles, and other small accompaniments. Somehow, I don't see Au'jourdoi serving this. Click below for a looksie.


        1. re: Eric Eto

          I can't remember exactly what I had for breakfast the Four Seasons as it was many moons ago, but here's a recent description -

          "Do you still serve Japanese breakfasts?," we asked when making our reservation at the Four Seasons in Boston. It may seem like an odd reason for selecting a hotel, but the memory of that breakfast eaten five years ago still lingered. ......The breakfast was reminiscent of the ones that are served in Japanese ryokans and was just as delicious. Exquisite little dishes of grilled salmon, boiled egg, shitake mushrooms in a rich sauce, rice, seaweed and miso soup with enoki mushrooms were served on a black lacquer tray."


          1. re: Nick

            Thank you for information.

            I want to visit Boston, before April 2002, to see Ozawa conduct the Boston Symphony because this coming season is his last with the orchestra.

            1. re: Hiko Ikeda
              Charlene D. Long

              I used to host Japanese students and thus developed a taste for the cuisine, but breakfast was never mentioned. If you don't mind a stranger joining you, let me know when you are going to be in Boston and I'll meet you-all for breakfast at the hotel! When I know your date, I will call ahead to be sure the breakfast is still on the menu.

              1. re: Charlene D. Long

                Thank you. The September 11 bombing is keeping Japanese tourists from visiting the U.S.

                I am afraid all restaurants serving Japanese breakfast on the East Coast may terminate it if the current "stay-home" situation continues in Japan.