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Sep 23, 2001 09:11 AM

Bishop's Restaurant in Lawrence

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I was driving through Lawrence last week and noticed a restaurant called Bishop's downtown. It looked very "original 1960s" and the building design looked almost Middle Eastern. Anyone know anything about this place? Has it been there for years? What kind of food is served? Recommended? I'm interested!

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  1. Bishop's has been one of the landmark restaurants in the Northern Metro area of Boston for years. I have not had the opportunity to dine there recently ever since my father-in-law passed away from a heart attack after having his last meal there.
    It is reknown for Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine.
    Unfortunately, I heard some bad news on Pat Whitley's Restaurant Review Program this morning. Bishop's is soon to be closing its doors forever. So my suggestion to you is to hurry up and try it now before you lose your chance.

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      Thanks for the tip about their impending closure! I'll call before I go just to be sure they're still open. My sympathies on your father in law.

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        I believe that I read in our local paper (Lawrence Eagle-Tribune) that Bishop's was closing at the end of this year - with New Year's Eve being the last hurrah.

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          Regarding the closing of Bishop's in Lawrence, MA. YES, Bishop's closed on New Year's Eve 2001. I know because I was the entertainment for that evening. My name is Bob Gauvreau (Bobby G) I played downstairs for that event. I am a full time singer/entertainer from the area. It was quite a night! I remember leaving that evening and they locked the doors behind me and that was it! A great place with a lot of