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Sep 22, 2001 11:51 PM

dinner at bomboa - a report

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recently i tried out their $26.50 early dinner prix fixe with a friend.
we had for apps. shrimp and bean cakes as well as a mixed green salad with hearts of palm and mango with a champange vinaigrette.both were not bad. for entree it was steak frites with chimichurri sauce and seared skate with artichoke and chickpea salad with a preserved lemon and olive 'broth'( more like 4 tablespoons worth!). the steak was actually really good and flavorful but the fish wasn't bad itself.
the desserts were choc. bunuelos(like fried dough with a dark choc. center that oozes out when you bite into it) with natilla (a type of custard cleverly served in an eggshell) and a mango icecream (it could have been creamier and less icy in texture)sandwiched between phyllo pastry. the presentations were good and portions were a good size. service was amiable and mostly efficient. all in all, a pretty good dinner. one minor gripe is that one could still detect cigarette smoke in the dining room, since there is no actual division between the bar and the dining area.

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  1. thanks for this report..I walked by Bomboa this weekend and was wondering how it was. I went when it first opened..It was fun but the food was so so.