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Sep 21, 2001 11:35 AM

In town BBQ

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Is there anywhere in town for good BBQ. I love Blue Ribbon but can't always drive out there for lunch. I need recs on anywhere downtown, Back Bay, S.End or thereabouts. Thanks

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  1. I enjoy Bob the chefs chicken and ribs/south end
    and a place next to Doyles in JP-can't remember the name, good BBQ there also and Chef Lees in Dorchester.

    1. Tennesee BBQ on Huntington Ave is's connected to Old Town Sports Saloon in the Copley Hotel (not Copley Plaza Hotel) Fajitas and Ritas has BBQ on West St...tried the brisket once and it was ok..there is BB Wolf in the Fenway area. We need a Blue Ribbon downtown.

      1. The Linwood Grille in the Fenway.

        1. East Coast Grill in Inman Square, DELICIOUS - with a bit of latin american/cuban flair to boot.
          RedBones in Sommerville (Davis Square), truly awesome.
          Village Smokehouse in Brookline Village, not as good, but not awful.

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            One caveat regarding the Brookline Smokehouse -- avoid the pulled pork. I had it a few weeks ago and it was dry as a bone, with less taste. I tried dousing it with the (very middle of the road) sauce, which helped slightly, but not much. My friend's burger was good, though, as were the fries, and the baked beans are quite rockin. I haven't tried the brisket for a while, but I recall from years past that it was better than average.

            It's a fun, lively place to go -- occasionally the open grill will flare with immense flames (which is entertaining, not sure how good it is for the food!) -- but watch out for that pulled pork. not good.

          2. I'm a big fan of the Whiskey Sour Mash Smokehouse on Huntington, a few blocks down from the Hynes T stop. It's definitely more faux-dive than real dive, and it's a pretty crowded bar scene, but the food is surprisingly good and the flavors are much cleaner than Redbones. Their "Ole Miss" plate of pulled pork, ribs, and Andouille sausage (with fries, slaw, and baked beans) is huge and runs about $14.