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Sep 20, 2001 09:00 AM

Thai Food

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I know this is a pretty generic request,but where do my chowhouds go out(or take out) Thai food in the Cambridge/Somerville Area ????

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  1. My favorite is Spice on Holyoke St. in Harvard Sq. I've only been there twice (new to the neighborhood) and the pad thai, chicken red curry and chicken masaman curry were all very good.

    Other options include Bangkok House (on JFK St.) and Tamarind (up Mass Ave towards Porter Sq.). Bangkok House is solid, though I prefer Spice. I've never been to Tamarind, but friends have told me it's quite greasy.

    1. I lived in Cambridge for many years and thought the best Thai food was accross the river at the Bangkok Cuisine, Boston's first Thai restaurant. After many years, still the best. But then I moved to Coolidge Corner and have discovered a great find. Dokya on Harvard St. is a small market and restaurant with what seems to be very authentic home cooking.

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        Hello- there are lots of thai places in cambridge/sommerville for thai, but I think some of the best is just over the river near the Fenway- the Brown Sugar Cafe has the most wonderful green chicken curry that I have ever had- go there for lunch and it is only 5.95 - dinner is closer to $10. I am not sure of the address, but it is behind the star market.


        1. Over the other side of the river on Charles St. is a great place called The King and I. I have eaten there quite often, and it blows the competition away.

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            eehhh, i have to say i'm not all that impressed with their food. went with a friend last year and neither of us were particularly happy about any of the dishes we ordered.

            i'm a fan of brown sugar cafe in fenway (haven't been to the kenmore one yet), and i just went to rod dee (the fenway branch) for the first time yesterday. excellent and cheap. tried rod dee noodles and the pan fried rice noodles. squid smelled a bit ammonia-y though. but the golden pillows are tasty.