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Sep 19, 2001 03:01 PM

secret south shore gems

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hi - i'm a food writer outside of boston and am putting together a piece about little known south shore restaurants with great food. not just the usual chowder and baked/stuffed fare served up by coastal inns, but unusual food. i'm especially interested in new spots opened by established chefs - either from Boston or elsewhere - and restaurants opened by new immigrants to the area.

thanks for your help everyone - and eat well!

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  1. Welcome jennifer,

    I guess we are all looking for new ideas.

    As a newby, and a food writer to boot, how about giving us a little input?

    What have you found?

    If you have nothing to share, why not try a search of the site for ideas.

    I had hoped the info-flow might actually work the other way. But, OK. Keep us posted.

    BTW, the Globe and Herald are wonderful resources for "food writers outside of (B)oston". They are local newspapers.

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      Back Eddy, in Westport, the project of Chris Schlesinger (formerly of East Coast Grill). Amazing, fresh seafood, a panache for spices, homemade pickled condiments, and a blend of traditional and inventive preparations. Not to mention a lovely location on an eddy near Horseneck Beach.

      1. Not so secret but do not miss, Sapporito's in Hull. Great atmosphere,fabulous and interesting food. Nice owner/chefs have kept the place packed for years.

        1. La Palomas in Quincy for mexican
          Strawbery Fair in Norwell for light fare
          Mount Blue in Norwell for fusion/new american, and cool atmosphere
          Vin and Eddies in Abington for Italian
          Christo's in Brockton for greek/american
          Venitian in Weymouth for Italian
          Tosca in Hingham for New American

          1. Camilla's just off Exit 9 in Kingston is wonderful. Great Italian food. Never been disappointed in anything from meat to fish to pasta.