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Sep 18, 2001 07:48 AM

Three cheap eats

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Had to stop watching the news and get out of the house on Fri. nite so we ate at Saigon on Cambridge St. in Allston before a show. I'm not a Vietnamese food expert, but my rice noodles with tofu and vegetables for $6.50 was pretty good. Got some fried tofu appetizer which was more deep fried than I expected so I wasn't really into it. But for $3, I could live with my mistake. My friend got crab soup which he'd never tried and really liked. Service was a little haphazard but not too bad. Two small rooms, no liquor license.

Stopped in Clery's on the corner of Dartmouth and Columbus late Sun. afternoon and grabbed a table by the open windows. The waitress was very harried even tho it didn't seem *that* busy. Just got a burger w/ swiss cheese for a mere $5.50 which was pretty tasty, esp. for the price. My friend picked at some of my fries which were okay frozen ones. Hardly anything on their menu is over $10.

Another place like that was the Halfway Cafe in Watertown. Got chicken parmagian ($8.95) which was pretty good. Don't know if the chick. parm. lover needs to go out of his way for it, but the chicken was crispy with a good amount of cheese. The spaghetti sauce was boring tho. The cheeseburger came with handcut fries ($6.95). Many choices along the sandwich, fried fish, steak tips line. Service was friendly and attentive even tho the place was packed. My mother would love this place.

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  1. the turkey tips at Halfway Cafe are awesome too

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      And the steamers at the Halfway are a good find, also. Just basic clams steamed in white wine/garlic/onion broth and served with drawn butter. They have a location in Dedham on Washington Street, and I think I heard about one in Wayland, also.