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Sep 10, 2001 10:43 AM

Best Place in China Town?

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My friend from SF is visiting and I want to bring her to someplace with really knock-out Chinese food. The (very) few places I've been in China town really didn't impress me that much. . . bland, boring and run of the mill. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I have 3 favorites..for seafood, East Ocean City...dim sum..Chau Chau City..also like New Shanghai.

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    1. re: David

      Careful: there is more than one chau chau, the really big one, which is the one to feature dim sum, seemed ok to me.

      There is a really great funky little place: Ho Yuen Ting, right across the street from the Ginza Japanese place. Everything I have had there was either good, very good or great.

      Last time I ate there I sat next to two anglo americans who said it has been the place they have liked best for over 20 years. The place has only 7 or 8 tables, so there can be no seat available at peak times.

      1. re: wray

        I believe the smaller Chou Chau is now under new management with a new name.

        1. re: peregrine

          The original Chau Chow has been replaced by Yan's Best Place, which is clean and bright and friendly. There is still the Grand Chau Chow and Chow Chau City (known for it's dim sum). Personally, I prefer Peach Farm or Asian Garden.

    2. I don't know what the availability of Taiwanese food is in SF, but I was very impressed by Taiwan Cafe.


      1. for seafood, add Jumbo to the list
        agree with Taiwan Cafe, New Shanghai and East Ocean City
        dim sum - China Pearl

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        1. re: peregrine

          guess I need to try Taiwan Cafe..any favorite dishes?

          1. re: David

            Clams with spicy black bean sauce is a taiwanese staple, and they do it well.

        2. I like the Golden Gate - no atmosphere, rude waiters, nothing fancy - very, very good food. Have them do up anything with pan-fried noodles, maybe with mustard greens.

          1. Recommendation at Taiwan Cafe: Pork Chop Rice, can't go wrong.

            Have to say though that Boston's Chinese food is not and should not be compared to that of NYC's. For good food, Boston is OK. For great food, head down to NYC...Nyonya, New Green Bo, Joe's Shanghai, etc.