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Sep 10, 2001 08:28 AM

They used to be just spacey, but now they have added rude to the mix!

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Went to Hi-Rise Baking Company on Concord Ave. in Cambridge last week. While the food is good I continue to be amazed about the level of contempt the employees show to the customers. Their general indifference/insolence is subtle, but pervasive.

I am surprised that a person with Rene Becker's skill tolerates this attitude that has gone on for years toward his customers.

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  1. The bread there is not all that good and the food is sub-par.Could be the help there is rude because they know there product sucks.

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    1. re: Breadman

      I have to disagree with both comments on the Hi-Rise. Not only have I never had a bad sandwich there (out of about 30 visits), but I've never seen any employee be rude OR make a mistake with my order! I can't say that about too many places at which I've eaten. Either you guys have had bad luck or I've had extraordinary luck with the service and food. Now if they would only lower the prices and do something about the seating shortage...

    2. Of course, you can always get lovely sandwiches at half the price by walking down the street to Formaggio's... I had a tuna, caper, and artichoke-heart sandwich there which made my heart melt. Sure, it was pre-made and sitting in plastic wrap, but it was delgithful.