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Sep 4, 2001 07:37 PM

Please help with a suggestion around the Rockport area...

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Can anyone recommend a great seafood restaurant in or around the rockport area. We are visiting family around the rockport area and would like some suggestions as to where to go. I have always followd the suggestion of fellow chowhounds. Thank you so much in advance.

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    Roy Moore's (B+) on Bearskin Neck RKPT is "in the rough" and stick to the basics and its perfect. In Essex, The Village ("A" most of the time!) is known by locals and day-trippers as a very reliable and very good seafood rest.,(other places ought to send their help there to watch how to properly wait and serve tables!) Gloucester has a very decent place on Rocky Neck, Madfish Grille (B+ based on one visit). Avoid the Gloucester House, Catfish Grille. I hear good things about The Franklin, but don't know if they are strictly seafood - in fact they are a 'bistro' and have steak and lamb etc. The Oceanview on Stacy Blvd (Fisherman's Statue area)is a hidden gem with family style portogeuse cooking, including several fish and the killer paella, which is outstanding. Prices are very workingmans and it has no atmosphere. For fried stuff (clams etc) avoid Woodman's in Essex and hit either Farnhams or Essex Seafood, both on 133. Ithaki (greek style) in Ipswich (A+++) is both a nice drive and has spectacular food and overall atmosphere and there is always a seafood offering. There are many others that are just 'fair', these are the 1st that I would check out. Other than Moore's, I've never had a good meal in Rockport and it is a 'dry' town to boot. The opposite is true in Essex - most of the food establishments there are good to excellent and have full bar service. Bon Appetit!

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      Ed from Denver

      We will try and let you know!

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        Hungry Harry

        To add to your Rockport list "My Place" on the end of Bearskin Neck. THE best setting on the East Coast
        and very good and unusual items. No fried clams but other good things created by chef Kathy Milbury. Also The Lobster Pool just outside downtown Rockport for very good fried seafood and lobster also in a great setting right beside the ocean.

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          My Place By The Sea is very nice for setting BUT they are not consistent in the busy season; more than a few folks I know will not eat there again - big $ and not great value.

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            It amuses me that the Oceanview is always referred to as a "hidden gem" or a "secret", yet we all seem to know about it...

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              Judi McCauley

              I relocated from Leominster MA to Monterey California in June of 2001 and of all the things I miss about Massachusetts, the wonderful lobsters from Roy Moore's is right on the top of the list. For many years I would take day trips to Rockport on the weekend and, after shopping, would order a lobster, [always cooked and cracked to perfection] from Roy Moore's, take it up on the headlands and eat it while looking out to sea. Wonderful view, wonderful food, most memorable days. As good as lobster gets!

            2. I got home from Rockport five hours ago! A friend and I had a wonderful meal at the Blacksmith Shop, which used to be a mediocre to poor tourist trap. Under new management now, the folks seem to be making an effort to upgrade. Our twin lobster special at $19.99 a la carte was excellent as was the lovely salad that preceded and the desserts that followed, bananas Foster with three mousses for her and a fresh fruit medley topped with creme de menthe whipped cream for me. We determined that next year we would return without having eaten all day, however, for the $36 buffet which included a gorgeous looking raw bar, made-to-order dishes focused on fish, and a raft of other things I can't remember. Rockport is a dry town, but you may bring in any libation you'd like. We'd have liked to have wine with dinner but didn't realize what the liquor law was.

              If you venture into Salem, be sure to eat at In a Pig's Eye on Derby St. near the House of Seven Gables site. I've been there twice this year. Each time it was excellent.