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Sep 4, 2001 07:04 PM

Seeking Gujarati Thali

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I'm looking for a place to get an authentic Gujarati thali here in Boston. I'm also eager to hear about Indian restaurants that are outside the Punjabi/Mughlai (chicken tikka, mattar paneer, veg. jalfrezi, etc.) mainstream. Oh, and a South Indian thali place is also on my list. I can provide a list of good places in Chicago if people are interested....


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  1. By all means post your Chicago suggestions on the Midwest board -- no need to wait to be asked! Sorry I can't help you, but I hope someone will -- I'll be all ears, as I'm trying to broaden my knowledge of Indian regional cuisines and, as far as I can tell, Boston doesn't offer many opportunities.

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      Unfortunately I don't have any recommendations regarding Gujarati food BUT if you want South Indian...

      THE best South Indian food (IMHO) in the area is a place called "Udipi Cafe" in Ashland (close to framingham).

      The Udipi cafe has a sister restaurant which may be more accessible to you, called ajanta, which is located next to the Helmand in East Cambridge.

      Many people like the Ajanta because it offers South Indian AND some other regional foods, while the Udipi Cafe offers a more focused menu. In addition, I've had some tricky service issues at ajanta--but if you don't have a car, then ajanta it is...

      Both are considerably better than some of the hideous so-called Indian restaurants in the area.

      Places to avoid: India Castle, on mass ave. in cambridge, Diva bistro in davis square and the Bombay Cafe in Harvard Square.

      I would also recommend the Punjab in Arlington and a few of the restaurants on Moody street in Waltham.

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        Thanks for the tips, Priya. I'll try Udipi Cafe next chance I get.