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Sep 4, 2001 11:15 AM

fried chicken: desperate

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I moved to cambridge from north carolina five years ago and I'm still craving a taste of good fried chicken. Any idea if there is such a thing in the boston area? thanks! Daniel

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  1. Good southern fried cnicken in the Boston area? Yeah, I have had it exactly THRICE:

    1. Many years ago, I was living in rural Maine. A chicken truck went by and a chicken fell off. I grabbed the hapless bird and brought it over to my neighbor's, who executed the creature. I plucked it and fried it up. Quite tasty, I must say.

    2. The chef in the cafeteria of the last place I worked was from Virginia. He did a genuine, righteous southern fried chicken.

    3. A former SO of mine grew up in Maryland. She did a pretty good fried chicken, although Maryland-style.

    Oh, lest I forget: When I was just a young boy, I lived in Atlanta for a few years. My dad took the family out to dinner one night to a real chickenshack. These are about the chicken equivalent of clam shacks in New England. That was REALLY good. In fact, the fried chicken in the school cafeteria was better than anything I've had here, at least as well as I can remember that far back.

    There must be SOME here, somewhere. I guess, but I don't know where. :-(

    1. I think the best you can get in the Boston area is at Bob the Chef's on Columbus just past Mass Ave in Roxbury.

      1. My wife and I (S. Carolina and Kentucky natives) agree that the best restaurant fried chicken we've ever had north of I-70 is Hattie's in Saratoga Springs, about a 3 hour drive from Boston. One could work it in to a leaf-peeping expedition perhaps.

        Beware of the restricted hours outside the racing season (see the News in the URL below).


        1. As already mentioned, Bob the Chef's on Columbus Ave. will do the trick.

          1. "Linwood Grill" on Kilmarnock in the Fenway has excellent fried chicken although (because I am not an expert) I can't vouch for its "authenticity". It's typically served with wonderful peas, mashed potatoes and gravy. Note: The first two times I had this dish there it was excellent. The third it was somewhat disappointing. Also, if you're interested, their catfish fingers are divine.