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Sep 3, 2001 10:45 AM

Skip's Restaurant in Chelmsford

  • k

Found this place yesterday on my way through Chelsmford. I was attracted by the original 1960's sign outside and by the swarm of cars in the parking lot. Breakfast was hearty (plentiful, hot coffee served in a carafe, meaty slices of crispy bacon). Corned beef hash was homemade and top notch - I liked the texture of the shredded beef and the chunks of potato (unlike the usual beefy mush with little dots of potato in it). There was a very 1960s style bar in the back - red vinyl chairs and a black bar. I'd like to try it for dinner. Can anyone tell me more about this place? Suggestions for the dinner menu?

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  1. Kitty,

    Wow...I was just thinking about this place last week when I was in Boston! I stayed in the hotel next door a year or so ago, by chance, for a symposium in Lowell. My companions and I ended up going there for every meal. I even have a Skip's coffee cup. I agree - the hash is the real thing, not out of a can. Everything we had was good and quite home-made-tasting. We all had the excellent prime rib one evening, with all the trimmings, and dynamite pies for dessert. I asked some colleagues from Lowell last week what was up with Skip's, and was told that the place may be under new ownership. Let's hope nothing changes!

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      I think I'm going to try it on Saturday night for dinner. I don't think it's change hands yet - the hostess said that the same two families had owned it for years and years.