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Sep 2, 2001 12:05 PM

fugakyu fiasco

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Although I always thought Fugakyu in Coolidge Corner was overrated, I went there because the food was pretty good, the scene was kind of fun, and it's in my neighborhood. After dinner there last night, I won't be going back. We were seated in a deafening, airless room, and had to wait forty-five minutes for main courses, including a "sashimi deluxe" that could put a more delicate eater off raw fish for months. It consisted of mounds of grotesquely large, jagged chunks of gristly, warm fish. The cooked food that my friends ordered seemed slightly better. But how can you trust a Japanese restaurant that makes such a distasteful mess of something as basic as sashimi?

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  1. If you live in that neighborhood, I'm surprised you don't go to Takeshima---an underated gem!!!

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      I used to go to Takeshima a lot, but I got a little bored with it and drifted away. Your message, along with an earlier post reporting that they sometimes have monkfish liver, makes me want to try it again.

      1. re: broadway-joe

        Believe me, if you sit at the sushi bar and order ankimo, the chef won't let you be bored!

        1. re: galleygirl

          While I agree that Fugakyu is overrated, it has always been passable in the past for me.
          I went to Takeshima for the first time a couple of weeks ago and was very disappointed. Reason: There are few things that truly can turn me off from a sushi place. The pieces at Takeshima were improperly cut and sized. Specifically, I received several pieces of Maguro that were large and had vein and tendon through the pieces. It was terrible - Each piece should be something of a tiny filet but this night, at least, the sushi chef really messed up. In retrospect, I should have returned them, but was not in the mood to make a beef.

          Second - To my knowledge, which may very well be incorrect, sushi fish should be served at room temperature. Earlier in this thread the complaint was of "warm" fish - Too often I will get cold fish which is too far to the other side.

          Ideal sushi should be dry (not sweating or glistening) and at room temperature. Am I correct and what was the case at the usually competent Fugakyu?


          1. re: Al Fresco

            I have eaten several times at Fugakyu and the quality of sushi has been unimpeachble. Must have been a bad night for the chefs. Try Sakura Bana (Broad Street) for consistently high-grade fish.

            1. re: Al Fresco

              I don't think sushi and sashimi should be cold either. But isn't a pleasing coolness one of the desired effects? I assume that's why the fish is kept behind ice-cooled glass.

              Maybe the sushi chef at Fugakyu was having an off night. But my experience there left enough of a bad taste in my mouth (and not just because of the food) that I'm eager to explore the sushi alternatives others have suggested.

      2. I have also had bad experiences at Fugakyu. Shortly after it opened, my wife and I took my parents, who were visiting from out of town, there for dinner. We lingered for a few minutes after finishing our meal and getting the check, and my wife went off to the bathroom. When she came back, the waiter came over and asked us to vacate the table because people were waiting to sit down. The experience left a bad taste in my mouth (the meal itself was good but not exceptional, and much more expensive than Takeshima around the corner), but a few months later I brought my brother in to sit at the sushi bar. After failing to catch the chef's eye for some time, we asked a waitress if we could order Omakase style. They first brought out a plate of cooked appetizers which were quite tasty but not sushi or sashimi, and then a plate of sushi which was almost entirely maguro tuna and salmon. The pieces were well cut but too large and too much wasabi, and the overall selection was completely monotonous. If I were alone, I would have sent it back. I haven't returned since.

        One more Coolidge Corner sushi tip - Tsunami, right around the corner on Pleasant Street, just opened, very nice, high quality at reasonable prices.